Regenerative Point-of-Care Autologous Cellular Therapy

Regenerative cellular medicine is a term to describe a range of innovative medical therapies that assists the patient to repair, restore and regenerate their damaged cells. There is enormous research world-wide in new techniques using patient’s own biological material, refined by specialist staff and equipment, and then re-injected or administered back to the patient. The latest Platelet Rich Plasma technology is now available in Australia. Alocuro provides Point-of-Care, Autologous PRP therapy devices to medical and dental practitioners in accordance with current TGA guidelines. Alocuro PRP devices are listed on the ARTG register.

Autologous means biologic tissue derived from the same patient who will benefit from it. The donor = the recipient. Autologous PRP simply means that the PRP extracted from the patient who the blood was taken from, will receive the PRP.

Point-of-Care therapy provides the whole procedure at the patient’s bedside in the medical practitioner’s office. No hospital or day surgery stays are required.

There is a limit to non-surgical options for treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and more chronic degenerative conditions. Often, when there is chronic damage to musculoskeletal structures, especially in avascular tissue, the body loses the ability to repair itself. Regenerative medicine changes that process and holds the potential to address acute injuries and chronic musculoskeletal ailments, including those associated with ageing. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is one area of regenerative medicine that has been proven to be beneficial in halting degenerative change and improve tissue regeneration in certain conditions. The treatment accelerates the body’s natural healing process by using the patient’s own cells to promote healing of bone, tendon, cartilage, ligaments, muscle and skin tissue. It works by delivering powerful growth factors that stimulate and improve blood supply to the injured area and the nutrients needed for cells to regenerate the damaged tissue.Scientists anticipate incredible benefits from ongoing PRP and regenerative medicine research and believe that it will provide significant improvements for patients’ ability to heal themselves in the future.

Our vision has been to bring the best PRP kit combined with the most rigorous scientific and clinical protocols in the field of PRP therapy to Australia, to improve patient healing outcomes.

Medical Practitioners who use Alocuro PRO-PRP devices have completed training in the specific PRP protocol. Procedures will be provided under stringent aseptic and QA guidelines to provide a safe medical procedure with very minimal risk of complications and a higher chance that the PRP will be of benefit to their patients in managing their clinical problem.