The main advantages of PRP are:

  • safe, effective, non-surgical treatment to stimulate the body's natural healing processes;
  • excellent patient acceptance due to its autologous nature (patient's own blood product) offering a more natural therapy with nil risk of allergic reaction or rejection;
  • non-invasive collection process; minimal procedural discomfort and post procedure downtime;
  • simple and fast to prepare PRP for re-injection;  
  • cost-effective for patients (costs ranging from $350 to $800 depending on the treatment areas);
  • proven treatment with ability to replicate the research protocols in clinical practice, with minimal capital costs;
  • convenient – point of care, at patient bedside with autologous product remaining with patient. 

Why use Alocuro PRO-PRP kit?

Alocuro has conducted worldwide research of all leading PRP kit manufacturers and has selected the PRO-PRP kit due to its:

  • Excellent concentration of platelets within PRP – QA analysis has shown that up to 12 x baseline platelet concentration can be achieved if required;
  • multiple device sizes that can be tailored to a patients specific needs, rather than the use of multiple devices to achieve higher volumes of PRP. 5 different device sizes - 10cc, 15cc, 20cc, 30cc and 60cc; (Please note: 10cc and 60cc are currently undergoing certification and will only be available in 2015).
  • ease of use with minimal training required to perform blood sample processing in accordance with QA guidelines;
  • ability to provide reproducible high PRP quality with concentration of platelets up to 12x baseline, and ability to either include baseline levels of leukocytes, or choose to use slightly lower concentration of platelets with minimal leukocytes;
  • closed system with no blood products exposed to the environment – to protect both staff and patient
  • minimal sterile field interruption - the sterile field is only breached twice to minimise risk of infection;
  • minimal handling of blood products which maintains platelets in a non-activated state until the time of injection;
  • cost effective – minimal disposables cost per patient and well priced centrifuge;
  • no external agents (except for anti-coagulant) come into contact with the blood or PRP extract; minimising risk of accidental withdrawal of thixotropic gel as used in other PRP kits, or reaction to an activation compound once injected ; and
  • well validated research and ongoing QA by the manufacturer and research teams involved in clinical trials using PRO-PRP.