Regenerative Medical devices

Alocuro PRO-PRP kit

Alocuro’s TGA approved PRO-PRP kit is a cost effective, reproducible, safe, point-of-care device for optimising platelet concentration in autologous PRP. When used in conjunction with an accurate patient assessment and follow-up protocol, it can provide patients with an excellent option for improving their own healing ability, and hopefully minimise escalation to other more invasive management pathways eg: surgery.

Alocuro’s PRO-PRP kit’s innovative and efficient design combined with a highly researched and validated protocol helps to maximise the healing benefits from the PRP therapy.

PRP devices - screw-pusher, 60cc, 30cc, 20cc and 15cc devices (click picture to view device demonstration)

PRP devices - screw-pusher, 60cc, 30cc, 20cc and 15cc devices (click picture to view device demonstration)

PRO-PRP Design

The design and method of viewing the various cellular component levels within the device post centrifugation allows for high degree of accuracy and reproducibility of platelet concentration and leukocyte inclusion in the PRP / or not.

The need to provide both accuracy and reproducibility has been well documented by multiple research articles to ensure that clinicians are using an optimal PRP preparation for the specific clinical application.

All other peripheral devices e.g. butterfly needle, syringes, alcohol wipes , reintroduction needle, sterile drapes, skin prep solution etc. that will be used in conjunction with the Pro-PRP will be standard TGA approved devices.

Alocuro’s PRO-PRP kit is a single use, disposable medical device manufactured to EN ISO 13485:2012. The device is a non-toxic, sterile and pyrogen free, TGA approved medical device.  The device will only be supplied to medical practitioners once they have completed Alocuro’s PRP therapy training course covering all required protocols and QA processes to ensure that the autologous PRP they prepare at the point-of-care, is of optimal concentration for their particular clinical application, so that it can be of most benefit to their patients.


AL416 low spin centrifuge

  • Low-speed table top centrifuge for biological sample separation such as cells, bloods, etc.

  •  "SOFT Start/Stop‟ function for gentle acceleration and deceleration

  • Automatic alarm system for imbalance, over-heat and over-speed

  • Program memory for up to 10 memories

  • Automatic door release